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The year 2019 saw the emergence of the THC Vaping industry, and the markets were flooded by so many different brands of cartridges. The questions consumers have in mind is Are Buddah bear carts real? the legitdity of this THC vape brands.

Many of these brands came under scrutiny after the 2019 vitamin E pandemic, which saw most THC brands shut down and lose ratings. Buddha Bear Cartridges is one company that has completely distinct itself from the others with Excellence.

So the most important question to ask is can we trust Buddha bear brand? Are they legal ? is it safe to smoke Budda vapes? these are the answers consumers want to know, and Budda bear has sure provided this answers.

Are Buddah bear carts real?

Despite the attacks from fake plugs, one can say Buddah bear carts are 100% real. The reason is that they provide their customers with scannable QR codes on the packaging so a customer can see lab results of the THC oil and content.

Although Buddah brand does not have the state-required stickers for information displayed on the packaging of most THC carts, their lab test is further confirmed by the California Compliance Department.

However, though not an official California Compliance Certificate holder, Buddah Bear carts are California-licensed medical marijuana products, and this proves they operate legally.

Are Buddah bear carts 510 thread?

An original Buddah Bear cart comes in a Vape Pen 510 Thread Atomizer Packaging Ceramic Coil Cartridges Carts 0.8ml 1.0ml. Any size lesser or greater than this tends to be a fake Buddah bear cart; please stay safe and be vigilant.

Are Buddha Bear carts legit?

Beneath the logo, the packages feature California’s standard THC label and warn that the products are “for medical use only.”

The packages provide you with a QR scanner that shows its infused high-quality cannabis distillate lab results in the fine print. Buddah bear Carts for sale

Also, Buddah carts prove it is legit by being a California-licensed medical marijuana product. However, though not an official California Compliance Certificate.

How Long can Buddah Bear carts last?

Each 500 mg cart has about 150 seconds of hits. So how long you pull for will impact how long it lasts. If you usually take one-second drags, then the math is pretty straightforward. It will last you 150 whiffs. If you take three breaths per day, it will last your 50 days. Not bad!

However, if you take longer draws — say 3 seconds or 6 seconds, both common — your cartridge obviously won’t last as long. If you take one 3-second drag per day, it would also last 50 days.

However, if you take three per day, you’ll finish the cartridge in just a few weeks. And, if you’re doing 6 seconds, the time is half that. Order Buddah bear carts

Are buddah bear carts safe?

Buddah Bear carts are one of the safest vape carts in the THC Vaping sector, with over 90% pure THC distilled oil. Safety measures have been put in place by providing lab results to the public.

Original Budda bear cart packaging comes with a QR code that shows the lab results of the carts when scanned. This system ensures customer safety so that customers can verify each cart before purchase.

The California Compliance Department further verifies Buddah Bear lab test results, and their products are California-licensed medical marijuana products.

Effects of Buddah bear Carts

Buddah bear carts have both positive and negative effects. It is very efficient with pain relief and anxiety. With mode improvement, confidence, and no worries.

However, when THC is highly ingested, it can always induce tiredness, inactivity, and sleepiness. Whereas if consumed in a small amount, it can cause a high degree of alertness and caution.

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