Law enforcement agents say legitimizing recreational marijuana may lead to more brutality and violence

Just weeks before Oklahomans will vote on whether the state should make marijuana recreational, several law enforcement agencies spoke out against the idea. innoj carts

On Thursday, officials backed the Protect Our Kids №820 campaign, which opposes State Question 820.
“Law enforcement does not want that dirty money,” said the Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn. “No one is out here killing anyone over a Coors Lite, but it happens regularly across our state that people will kill each other over a little bit of marijuana.” Study with adderall 30mg ir and stay focused
Mashburn said he believes giving more access to marijuana will increase violence. Big chiefs carts
However, the Yes on 820 campaign said studies show teenagers are using less marijuana.
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Legalizing recreational marijuana will generate $821 million in revenue over the first five years. Supporters of the state question said that part of that money would go towards fighting substance abuse plaguing teens.
“We need to give our schools and our health care providers the resources to be able to help curb real dangers, which is opioid abuse and teens using nicotine vape pens,” said Kiesel. Glo Extracts Carts
Supporters said making marijuana recreational will free up law enforcement’s time to focus on serious, violent crimes rather than simple possessions. Pure One Carts
“The jails are not full of marijuana possessors. This does not fix that, so people need to understand that the ‘yes’ campaign saying all these people are locked up for simple marijuana use is absolutely not true,” she said. “Don’t’ vote for it because you think you’re going to help the prison population because that will not happen.” Muha meds carts
State Question 820 will need more than 50% of the vote to become law.

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