What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time

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What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time. So you desire to see how THC feels in your body (and your head)? Is it your first time? Don’t worry; we got this. Perhaps you’re returning to cannabis after a prolonged break. (Welcome back.) moonrock carts Or maybe you’ve had horrible experiences with paranoia and anxiety with cannabis that was too assertive and want to explore what this low-dose technique is all about. Good for you for spinning. Let’s make this next time more enjoyable for you. What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time

What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time. Great news: it’s 2023, and you can take a small, measured dose of cannabis and not have to bother about ingesting too much, feeling out of control, paranoid, or even anxious. At low levels, THC cali carts can give you a little delirious lift—no need to head up into the clouds (unless that’s where you want to fly, but later, okay?). You can even moonrock carts take a microdose and hardly feel any results but still enjoy the advantages of cannabis. You can add more each time until you dial into where you want to be/how you want to feel. It’s all about going low and starting slow.

First, how? You can try the delta-8 THC/Soothe Tablingual from Level, which delivers a lighter whirr than their THC/Elevate Tablingual. Even the pure THC moonrock carts Tablingual is light and very manageable. You can cut the 3mg tabs in half—they’re scored for comfort. What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time

Psychoactivity is usually cited around 2mg—everyone is different, with unstable perceptivity levels, but that’s a general rule of thumb. I suggest you start with (cali cart) half of a Level Tablingual (delta-8 THC/Soothe or THC/Elevate) at 1.5mg if you want to stay under and see, or tap the gas pedal and try 3mg. Outset is usually 1–5 minutes, and the effects can last up to a few hours. The sublingual method is great for trying cannabis for the first time (or returning to it). Edibles can be more of a responsibility, both timewise and in unanticipated strength (because of how digestion and THC work together), so always start low, like 2mg–2.5mg max. cali carts

Another of my milligram favorite is Mondo powder. You can dip a (clean!) finger into the jar of this beautiful and ethereal low-dose product, lick your finger, and try a little bit right on your tongue. Remember that one scoop has 3mg of THC, so try a tiny bit of this faery dust originally and see how you feel. It could take 20 minutes or so for you to feel any results. Return for the same amount the next day and adjust your dosage. Low and slow.

You can also explore THC via tinctures and through different ratios of CBD  and THC together and see how that feels. For example, you could try a 3:1 tincture—which would have three parts CBD to one part THC (the CBD will mitigate the intoxicating effects of the THC). Start with a quarter dropper (10 drops) under your tongue and see how you feel with a little THC present. The next day, try it again. Maybe a little more. You can titrate from there. cali cart

Do know that some people may be sensitive to MCT oil tinctures (upset stomach) and may need to try another kind (like olive oil), while others won’t have any issues with it. Remember, everyone has chemistry and needs to find what works and feels best in their body.

Have some water around. I also like to have a little something in my stomach because I feel the effects of THC more when I’m hungry. But eating something buttery or rich can amplify the THC, so don’t chow down on a wedge of triple-crème Brillat-Savarin right before experimenting. glo extracts fake

Also worth mentioning: be in a good headspace. Or at least an even-keeled one. Don’t be stressed, sad, or upset when doing these early experiments—better to wait for a time when you’re in a better mood. My friends in the psychedelic world know all about the significance of location and setting in aiding to guarantee a favorable drug venture. What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time

So, you’ve Tried THC For The First Time; now what?

You don’t want to sit on the couch and wonder, “How do I feel?” You could do that sober and make yourself trip out. When trying things for the first time, I always recommend being at home, ideally on a day when you don’t have to be anywhere and don’t have any big responsibilities, like taxes or picking up the kids from your ex-husband. You can also try THC in the evening when you’re home from work (but make sure it’s a few hours before you need to go to bed). What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time. glo extracts fake

Music is one of my favorite things to partake in while high or whizzing a little. Put on a famous group or DJ, something dreamy and upbeat. You could lie on the floor with headphones on, enjoy it, or try dancing. Movies are always a good choice, ideally something cinematic. Comedy? Fun. Nature also shows a good idea.

You could also do light hatha or restorative yoga and fon your breathing and body. But save the meditating for another time—we don’t want you just sitting with your thoughts too much these first few times (or trying to empty your mind of them).What You Should Know Before Trying THC buddha carts For The First Time

Do you have a pet? Lucky you, because animals offer the best kind of entertainment while high. Time to get out Mr. Snuggles’ favorite to you, you who’s going to be the excited one.

You can also take the time to look at one of those art or photography books assembling dust on your frames, color, draw, or if you have to be online, the Messy Nessy site will have plenty to capture your emotion. Again, don’t sit there; save social media. Save that for when you’re more comfortable with things and how THC feels in your body; maybe after a couple of tries, it’s time for the wonderful world outdoors. I love being outdoors while I’m a little high. buddha carts What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time. I go for walks in Golden Gate Park—the light, plants, trees, and funny dogs in the park, it’s all there. I’ll go for a sunset walk at Ocean Beach on warmer days. Enjoy all the sounds around you, from the happy kids screaming to the music of the waves, with the sun on your body.What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time glo extracts fake

People-watching is great while high, whether you’re just moving by and watching folks while on a walk, sitting on a park bench, or outside at a café. No one will know you’re high. (And if you’re in San Francisco, many other folks are too.) Shades on, smile on too. I hope you enjoy your flight. No driving or bike is riding through the park either—you can be too spacey, and this city is a jungle. Keep things to a wandering speed. buddha carts

In case of turbulence Trying THC For The First Time

If you find your mind is racing a bit, or you’re stressing out, or feel like you’re getting a tiny paranoid (“Everyone knows I’m high!”), it’s time to switch up your setting. Music is a great way to tune into something besides your anxious thoughts—put on a favorite album you know well that brings up nice and fun feelings. You know, something bizarre like the B-52s. What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time. No one’s going to judge. Dance and bob it off to get out of your head. Or relax and listen to something calming. Going down a YouTube rabbit hole of music videos would not be the worst thing. moonrock carts

Keep in mind this will pass in due time. All journeys come to an end, and you will survive this. THC is not harmful, and you aren’t damaging any important organs. It can be beneficial to remind yourself that you took a drug (a natural one!) and that you are encountering the consequences of that drug … recall to relax and release.

Inhale some black pepper or lemon zest (the terpenes may help soften the effects). Have something light to eat, like a cracker or banana. moonrock carts Drink some water. Chamomile tea is calming too. Call a good friend. And recall, this is only momentary; you got a little intoxicated on THC. You’re going to be fine. Now you know what’s too much for your system (for now)—note it—lower and slower next time. Or maybe the exotic was too much, but you may want to check it out again. Or not. It’s all good. What You Should Know Before Trying THC For The First Time

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